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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – September 1, 2017


— a surprise Starbucks story

Starbucks said they have about 50 deaf baristas
all over USA. To honor these baristas, Starbucks
came up with green aprons that show these A-B-C
fingerspelled letters. See the picture at:


— Deaf Fake News

A deaf kid became hearing in Great Britain when
his mother opened a bag of potato chips. This
is what many British newspapers reported – but
is it real or fake news?


— Snickers candy best for deaf athlete’s health

Can we eat 14 Snickers candy bars every day? Well,
Derrick Coleman, who is deaf and plays football
for Atlanta Falcons, eats that many candy bars
every day. Will it help him make the final roster
for the 2017 season? We shall wait and see!



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