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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – September 4, 2017


— a Deaf Hip-Hop controversy

There is a controversy regarding deaf people that
love Hip-Hop and ASL interpreters that interpret this
music on stage. There was a hot debate on a Facebook
page, saying that Hip-Hop can never be properly
interpreted! A picture is at:


— one of the best bakeries in Colorado

Zetta Marie’s Patisserie in Loveland, Colorado
has been considered to be one of the best
bakeries in Colorado. The owner – Rosetta
Marie Stevenson is deaf, and a graduate
of Maryland School for the Deaf. She bakes
“everything” – cookies, cupcakes, cakes and
other sweets. Said a deaf resident of

I have heard many good things about
the place and I hope to go one day


— The White House picks Gallaudet

The White House has picked Gallaudet for a role
in government. Gallaudet University? No,
it is Rear Admiral Timothy Gallaudet picked
as the assistant secretary of commerce for oceans
and atmosphere. Is Timothy Gallaudet related
to the famous Gallaudet family? Do not know.



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