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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – September 5, 2017


— angry choice for deaf

Do you prefer captions over interpreters?
Or do you prefer interpreters over captions?
Deaf people in New Zealand are angry. They
wanted a TV program to be interpreted.
The TV station said no – saying they will
provide captions. What is your choice?
A picture is at:


— hearing aid not allowed

In Turkey, a deaf woman was not allowed to wear
her hearing aid while visiting her husband
who was in prison.


— deaf site-manager of a national park

In a remote part of Nebraska, there is the
Hudson-Meng Education & Research Center.
This facility researches the history of
the bison. The site manager is Ryan
Means. He is deaf. It is not known if
he uses sign language or functions as
a hearing person.



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— deaf house-hunting

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