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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – September 7, 2017


— 100th birthday of deaf man who won a great honor

Not too many deaf people know who John Conforth
was. He was deaf, and won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry
in 1975. Born in Australia before moving to
Great Britain, he won the award for his work
with the atoms. Later, he became a British
Knight. He passed away in 2013, and if he was
still living, he would be 100 years old.
One more thing – while growing up he liked
to do chemical experiments in the family
laundry room! A picture is at:


— a press release that gives false praise

A public relations agency distributed a press release.
DeafDigest didn’t like it. It “celebrated” the
50th anniversary of the “Ironside” program
(1967) where a non-disabled actor (Raymond Burr)
played a wheelchair character. It said it
was the first time in the acting industry
that a disabled role was the leading role.
The producer never bothered to cast a
wheelchair actor for that wheelchair role.
Also, the “Johnny Belinda” movie (1948)
came up before the “Ironside” program (1967).
It cast a hearing actress in a deaf role.
Same thing – non-disabled and non-deaf
in disabled and deaf roles!


— angry senator asks an angry question

The White House nominated Eric S. Dreiband
for the top position in Justice Department’s
civil rights division. Dreiband said while
at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
he won a settlement for a deaf man who
applied for a job as dishwasher and
was refused an interview. A very angry
Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, Democrat of Rhode
Island, asked Dreiband if he would have
pursued the case if the rejected applicant
was hearing, not deaf!



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