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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – September 8, 2017


— British Airways takes away guide dog from deaf-blind woman

Hard to believe but it happened with British
Airways at Heathrow Airport in London. The
airline personnel took away the guide dog that
belonged to deaf-blind passenger Molly Watt.
They said her paperwork with the guide dog
was incomplete. Molly was very upset, saying
they took her “eyes” away from her. It took
her two days to get her dog back. The
airline headquarters apologized to her and
“promised” it will never happen again.
A picture is at:


— an insult during debate at UCLA

There was a debate at UCLA about the capabilities
of the deaf – or – in other words what the
deaf cannot do. A debater said:

There are things disabled people simply cannot do.
No one in a wheelchair can play regulation football,
and no one born deaf can fully appreciate a symphony

A fact or an insult? Remember this famous saying
that the deaf can do anything except to hear!


— hearing student protesting being placed in deaf school

Akuramaa Berlinda, a hearing student, was placed in
a deaf school by the area board of education that
used computer software to automatically place
students at different schools.

This angry student said:

I’m not deaf, why place me in a school for the deaf?

This placement was a result of faulty software. It
could happened in Ghana!



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