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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – September 11, 2017


— deaf community angry over interpreter that knows some ASL

The Hurricane Irma has hit the Tampa Bay area pretty
much badly. Deaf people were glued to Tampa Bay Fox
TV channel 13 for hurricane updates. It did not help
that the on-screen interpreter “knew some ASL.”
A picture is at:


— a tweet that reveals tweeter’s ignorance

posted on a web site was a tweet that asked:

How do you call 911 if you’re deaf?


— a picture taken of a sleeping deaf man

Someone took a picture of a deaf man that was
sleeping in his passenger seat on a rapid
transit ride in Kochi City (India). That
picture was posted on the social media,
mocking the sleeping deaf man. The city
police department was not amused and
arrested the photographer, and this
case will go to trial!


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