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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – September 12, 2017

— our busy interpreters

One interpreter said “we’re swamped.” He was talking
about emergency weather stations needing interpreters
during this Hurricane Irma. A picture is at:


— street vendors selling something surprising

selling stuff on the streets is illegal in
Saudi Arabia. Police officers go after these
street vendors, and not only arrest them but
confiscate good they were selling. One such
illegal item is hearing aids! Guess it is cheaper
for people with hearing loss to purchase hearing
aids on the street as compared to paying top
prices at hearing aid dealerships.


— deaf woman is a TV news reporter

Elena LaQuatra, who is deaf but functions as a
hearing person, is a TV news reporter with the
WJET-TV station in Erie, Pennsylvania. Her
deafness was mentioned in a newspaper story today.
She was a former Miss Pennsylvania but did not
win the Miss USA pageant.


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