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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – September 25, 2017


— an ugly deaf-police incident in Olathe

Olathe is where Kansas School for the Deaf is
located, and people pretty much know about
the deaf. Maybe except the police! A former
resident of Olathe said his car stalled,
making the police officer angry. The driver’s
passenger was not deaf and the police officer
came over, and asked for interpreting. The
deaf driver told the officer that he had
to find an interpreter on his own. This
only got the officer angrier, pulling out
his gun. Tempers cooled. But the next day
a complaint was filed with the Chief
of Police and the Olathe Chief of Police
and the Police Committee for Citizens with
Disabilities. Yes, the complaint was
ignored without an apology. A picture
is at:


— a deaf Member of Parliament lost her seat

Deaf MP Mojo Mathers, who served in the New Zealand
parliament for six years, has lost her seat. Her
Green Party won only seven seats in the recent
election. Mojo was ninth on the party’s list,
meaning first seven could only get parliament
seats. She is in the prcess of cleaning out
her office and looking at employment options.
As the MP she constantly fought for deaf
rights in New Zealand, and for that reason,
fellow MP’s didn’t like her!


— another city requires TV captions (but a loophole)

Rochester City Council (NY) passed a new rule requiring
businesses with TV sets to turn on the captions.
This is great – but there is a loophole! Businesses
can take down TV sets to avoid captions, and avoid
making hearing patrons angry! Just hope it never
happens. Deaf community in Rochester is that big.


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