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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – September 26, 2017


— explaining pizza, monster and bear to the deaf audience

We already know about the story of a lifeguard, whose brother
is deaf, and wanted to help the deaf during the hurricane
in Florida. Not only he was not RID-certified, he really
didn’t now any sign language and just said “pizza, monster
and bear” while the speaker gave instructions on how to
evacuate. Why didn’t the Manatee County officials
ask for the lifeguard’s interpreting credentials
in the first place? See the picture at:


— 4 hours of training

A police academy spokesperson said that all police
recruits go through four hours of training on
how to deal with the deaf. And that during annual
workshops, all police officers are retrained.
Four hours! Enough or not enough? Do keep in mind
well trained police officers who may have never
encountered a deaf person in years may forget
what to do – even when he is being annually


— a supermarket success story

Shoprite is a big supermarket chain in South Africa.
And there is a deaf success story. Philemon Lempe,
just 27 years old, is the general manager of a
Shoprite store in Lenasia, a city within the
metro Johannesburg metro area. What does he
do? Busy, busy and busy – all day – assigning
staff to different jobs in the store, picking
up trash off the floor, putting back cans that
customers picked up but left off elsewhere,
making sure all food items are stocked up
without running out and having to re-order,
throwing out food with expired dates,
making angry customers happy. Plus many
more. He always has his notepad and pen
with him when customers come to him.
His goal is to move up higher on the
corporate ladder.


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