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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – September 27, 2017


— Burger King refuses to serve deaf at drive-in window

A Burger King outlet in Columbus, Ohio refused to serve
a deaf driver at the drive-in window. The server who
would not serve is no longer employed. The deaf driver
filed a formal complaint; Burger King gave him an
apology and a free meal. See the picture of the
refusal at:


— a stranded deaf-blind student

Jasmine Fillmore, is a deaf-blind student at
University of Kansas. She is a member of the
Student Senate Rights Committee, and a
meeting was scheduled. The interpreter never
showed up! Volunter committee members had
to text her the meeting proceedings. The
university has not commented on why the
interpreter never showed up.


— ADA compliance not a priority with many police leaders

Alex Vitale, not deaf, is a a sociology professor
at Brooklyn College (NY). He said many police leaders
do not give a priority with ADA compliance. Something
to do with lack of understanding of deaf culture.
Doesn’t matter how many ADA workshops and ADA
seminars at police academies and with in-house
training sessions, ADA is still not a high priority.
Very sad and very concerning.


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