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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – September 28, 2017


– weird state law on interpreters

Iowa does not require licenses for spoken interpreting
in different languages for hearing immigrants (Spanish,
Arabic, Russian, Chinese, etc). Yet for ASL
interpreting it requires a license. And to apply
for a license ASL interpeters must pay $120.00.
There is a small loophole – ASL interpreters can
work for four years – with minimal supervision –
without having to apply for a license. But when
four years is up, it is a different story!
Making things worse is that the Iowa legislative
body have been avoiding this issue. A picture
is at:


— Walmart manager suspends deaf-blind employee

Walmart is in hot water with the U.S. Equal Employment
Opportunity Commission. The Walmart store in Beloit,
Wisconsin suspended a deaf-blind employee, who was
employed for 16 years (with no problems). The
new Walmart manager didn’t like him, and suspended
him, saying he lacked paperwork that certified
him as deaf-blind. It was never a problem with the
previous managers! The Walmart corporate management
said the company does not allow discrimination and
is hoping to reach an agreement with EEOC and
with the deaf-blind employee.


— 342 year old deaf woman

A deaf woman at the age of 342? Well, people
tha love science fiction would know about the
“Electric Dreams” TV episdoes in Great
Britain. The latest episode involves
Irma, the 342-year old deaf woman that
is slowly approaching the last days of
her life!


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