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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – September 29, 2017


— a reason for a prison lawsuit

The Nebraska prison system has been slapped with a
lawsuit, alleging lack of accommodations for
deaf inmates. The problem is not that wardens
wish to refuse accommodations, but that the
state prisons are so overcrowded, making
fair and just accommodations impossible!
A picture is at:


— deaf-blind owner of a cross-fit gym

Brandon Tucker is deaf-blind. He is the owner of
his cross-fit gym – CrossFit Feliciana, located
in Saint Francisville, Louisiana. There was a
newspaper story about him – he probably
functions as a hearing person, despite his
profound deafness.


— a fishy excuse

DeafDigest mentioned that a deaf man was refused
service at a Burger King drive-in in Columbus,
Ohio. The server who refused him service (and
lost his job for that reason) said:

We didn’t know you were deaf

It is fishy because the deaf driver handed him
his burger order on a piece of paper and it
was refused. Would a hearing driver write
down his order on a piece of paper at a
drive-in window?


Latest deaf jobs

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— racetrack photographer

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