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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – October 2, 2017


— deaf volunters best during emergency training drills

An emergency training drill took place in Bellevue, Washington.
The training director had this to say about the deaf:

The deaf community actually brings in skills that we don’t have.
They tend to be better about communication, they are alert to
some things that we are sometimes not. They can be very helpful
about things that are slipping our mind

And as a matter of deaf teamwork, an ASL signing volunteer
worked with a non-ASL signing volunteer, and they worked
together very well.

A picture is at:


— a CI lawsuit

A law web site mentioned a CI lawsuit against a

Reason was that the CI was implanted on the wrong
ear of a patient who was deaf in one ear. As a
result the patient became deaf in both ears!


— fake ASL by a cartoon character

The producers of Marvel’s “Inhumans” made a big time
blunder by having Black Bolt use very-fake ASL to
communicate with people around him. Black Bolt is
not deaf but cannot use his voice because it is
destructive and would cause harm everywhere.
Anyway, Marvel’s fans said the producer should
have hired a deaf ASL actor to play the Black
Bolt role!


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