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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – October 3, 2017


— a three million dollar Deaf Mistake

A deaf relay provider made a $3 million dollar
mistake. It did not renew its domain name
and for three days last year, it was out of
service. The FCC did not like it and fined the
company $3 million dollars. To err is human –
as it happened to Dallas Cowboys, Microsoft,
Hotmail, Foursquare and Heinz. See the picture at:


— deaf in movies; yes, but deaf in TV, no

A disability advocacy group accused Hollywood
of half-discrimination; casting deaf performers
in movies, but not casting them on TV! Movies
any different from TV? Acting is acting is


— a North Korean mystery

North Korea is not a good nation to live;
people are starving; the government
shoots rockets and threatens War. Yet
they are good to the deaf! There is
World Federation of the Deaf office
in Pyongyang, which is headed by
a deaf German man. And also North
Korea worked with the United Nations
to give rights and needs to the deaf.
A big mystery, North Korea certainly is.


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