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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – October 6, 2017


— aware of or not aware of ADA

What is the percentage of Americans that are aware
of ADA? In Japan, according to a recent survey
nearly 80 percent of people are not aware of the
national anti-discrimination law. What about
Americans knowing nothing about ADA? A picture
is at: ada/


— one week or few hours

Many deaf people wear hearing aids. Years ago,
it used to take a hearing aid manufacturer
a week to build a hearing aid. But nowadays
with 3D technology, just few hours. 3D
quality as good as factory quality? Good


— newspaper says 911-text is video relay service

Some newspaper writers do not know the difference between
911 for deaf and a video relay service. The guilty
newspaper is in Utah.


Latest deaf jobs

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— heavy machinery operator

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