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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – October 9, 2017


— interpreter’s biggest shock

A hearing boss and a deaf employee both do not
get along with each other. In fact, they hate
each other. An interpreter was hired to interpret
the annual employee’s performance review. The
review normally lasts between 30 and 60 minutes,
but after a few minutes, the deaf employee walked
out of the room. The interpreter was ready to
leave the room and go to another interpreting
assignment – but the employer told her to stay.
What did the employer do? See the picture


— deafness as a shame

For many hearing people, especially in Asia
and Africa, deafness is a shame among family
members. This may be the reason why Geeta’s
family would not claim her after as a child,
years ago, she accidentally walked across
the India-Pakistan border and was kept
in Pakistan. When she returned to India,
years later, no one would claim her!


— a comment by a hearing actress

Julianne Moore, not deaf, is playing a
fake-deaf role in the movie –
“Wonderstruck” and she made a comment.
She said that she wanted to make the
deaf community feel that she made something
real with her movie role. What she should
have done was to decline the role and
to strongly recommend that a deaf
actress play the role. Truth is that
hearing stars won’t give up their


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