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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – October 10, 2017


— a common fingerspelling complaint

Most people that fingerspell make sure that they correctly spell
all the letters of a word. Unfortunately there are some people
(both deaf and hearing) that would sloppily fingerspell –
some would just spell out the first letter of a word and then
the last letter – forcing us to fill in the blanks. An
example would be – “delicious” being spelled as D and then S,
forcing us to guess what word was he trying to spell!
For advice on those that don’t fully fingerspell, go to:


— big honor or no big deal

Deaf British motivational speaker Charning Peters was pictured
while driving a $660,000 Lamborghini automobile in London.
He said he is the first deaf person to drive this such
an expensive car. Big honor or no big deal? You decide!


— a former deaf superintendent in a new job

What has become of Ernest Garrett III, the first
deaf superintendent of Missouri School for the
Deaf? He stepped down after serving for three
years. He will begin work on October 16th as the
executive director of DEAF Inc., a St Louis
deaf non profit agency. His goal right now is
to complete the dissertation for his doctorate.


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— movie possibly bringing painful memories for some

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