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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – October 11, 2017


— Apple patents a Deaf Device

Apple won a patent for a Deaf Device yesterday.
It is for Apple Watch band. If there is a
noise or a sound (ie siren or a door knock,
then the band will squeeze your wrist.
A picture is at:


— the CFO of world’s most powerful magazine

A while ago DeafDigest mentioned that Toby
Burton, a deaf man, is the Chief Financial
Officer with The Economist. This magazine
is widely read by professionals in the
financial and business sectors. He said,
in a recent interview, that as long as
he has interpreters with him, he is
able to communicate with anyone. He
also added that getting face to face
interpreters can be a problem because
of changing schedules and last minute
meetings. If that happens, he relies
on video relay interpreters.


— eyes of a deaf construction engineer

A construction engineer is deaf. He said his eyes
help him notice building and engineering
defects that other engineers and other
construction supervisors overlook!


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