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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – October 12, 2017


— Halloween is coming up

Halloween is coming up. Hush, a Netflix movie
produced last year, was mentioned by a film
critic as one of the best “overlooked” horror
movies in history. Overlooked because it was
not shown on big screen nor mentioned for any
of the Academy awards. Anyway the lead deaf
character in that movie was played by a
hearing actress. Why? The director said
he looked everywhere for a deaf actress
and couldn’t find any. Hint – Marlee Matlin,
Shoshonnah Stern and others!

A picture is at:


— using magnet to fish junk out of rivers


A father and son team makes a living fishing junk out
of rivers (and lakes) with magnets. One day they
pulled out a hearing aid. This is a mystery; did
the hearing aid slip out from a deaf person’s ear
into the waters? Or was the deaf person angry
and threw away his hearing aid? These devices
are pretty much expensive.


— online petitions about deaf issues

From time to time, when there is a hot deaf issue
that gets a group of people angry, they post up
an online petition asking for signatures. A
critic said it is useless for one reason –
proof of residency! There often is no way
of knowing if these deaf names are local
or out of town.


Latest deaf jobs

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