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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – October 31, 2017


— ADA? Don’t know how to fix it

A newspaper reporter wrote:

You can’t fix what you don’t know

This was in reference to fixing things up to
make these ADA-compliant. The reporter was
not pointing his finger at the hearing
world, but at the deaf for not specifically
telling the hearing exactly what they
want it to be fixed! Hearing people know
about captions and interpreters and
video relay services – but not about
things such as location of the fire
alarm signaller? A hearing employer may
set up the signaller on the wall behind
the deaf person’s work desk or at a
far away location that the deaf person
cannot see out of his eyes!

A picture is at:


— Procter & Gamble says ads for deaf too expensive

Procter & Gamble sells many things. But the company
is not too eager to make their ads deaf-friendly.
The company even said making ads for the deaf is
too expensive for them (one of the world’s
biggest corporations making billions of dollars
every year in sales). Difficult to figure them


— American student frustrated at Canadian college

McGill University is one of the best universities
in Canada. An American deaf woman enrolled at
McGill, hoping to get a quality education –
but has been disappointed due to continuing
struggles with captions and interpreters.
She said McGill really does not want to
accommodate the deaf!


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