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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – November 1, 2017

— deaf person won by refusing to use deaf relay service!

A deaf person had a big dispute with a credit
card company. He paid what he owed but they said
they never got the payment. The deaf person wrote
a letter, with a photocopy of the payment. They told
the deaf person to contact customer service
representative via relay service. The deaf person
said no, preferring to resolve this dispute by
letter. This went on for three months and they
continued to increase the late payment fees.
They then gave up, acknowledged the payment
and gave refund on these late payment fees.
Why the relay service refusal? He didn’t
want to be hung up by these customer service
relay calls, thinking it may all be a scam!

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— reason for sign language as official language

More nations are starting to recognize sign language
as an official language. The reason has nothing to
do with pride and recognition – but to give deaf
people official access to education and
government social services (without being
discriminated against).


— an insect hearing aid

An insect hearing aid is not a joke. Engineers
are working on spider silk, plating it in gold.
And then making a hearing aid out of it,
something to do with electricity going
through these golden silks!


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