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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – November 2, 2017

— court interpreter can and cannot do

We have CDI terps and also legal-certified
ASL interpreters. What can they do and what
they cannot do in the court room? They
can just interpret the exact words.
They cannot explain the meaning of these
exact words. If the deaf person does not
understand the word or the word meaning,
the interpreter must ask the court to
explain the meaning in a different way
(but still same meaning). A picture is


— few colleges not required to caption their videos

We assume that all American colleges must caption their
videos. It was surprising to read a statement on
a law web site today. It said:

Most institutions of higher education—thbo public and
private—are required by law to provide closed caption
to students who are deaf or hard of hearing.


Is it saying that few colleges are legally not
required to caption? A loophole we don’t know


— deaf people of Roman Empire (AD 250-300)

There was an outbreak of a serious disease
in the Roman Empire (AD 250-300) that
cost people their lives and made others
suffer from permanent illnesses. One
of these is deafness. It did not say
if babies were made deaf or if children
and adults were made to be late-deafened.
It was called The Plague of Cyprian.


Latest deaf jobs – today’s update

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— airport TSA booths

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