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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – November 6, 2017

— an alley clarification

This past weekend DeafDigest ran a video about
“Deaf-Mute Property” in Little Rock, valued
at $181,000. It was just learned that it
was an alley behind the old Arkansas School
for the Deaf before the school moved to
its present location. This part of the
alley was 30 feet long and was for sale.
Still, why “Deaf-Mute Property”? A
picture is at:


— worst manners: deaf jobs-seeker arrested

A deaf man, seeking a job in a bank, was
arrested in public. He attended a speech by a
government official, ran over to him and
handed him a note on the stage. The police
stopped him and arrested him, thinking he
was going to cause a riot. The note was to
ask for a job in a bank. At this point, the
police does not know what to do with him,
because what he did was bad manners, but not
a crime. It could only happen in India!


— two choices for deaf that love opera

There are deaf people that love opera. There are
two choices – to watch the surtitles, or to wear
captioning glasses. What is the difference?
Hard to explain – but surtitles (on a stage screen)
shows edited translations of what is being sung.
Captions is word for word and includes “interruptions”
such as phone is ringing, door knocking, etc.



Latest deaf jobs – today’s update

Barry’s collections of past articles (with today’s update)
— no-interpreter hearing auctions

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