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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – November 8, 2017


— deaf fraud at a medical school

A physician got into trouble for getting his daughter
admitted to a medical school, saying that she is
deaf. The Kempegowda Institute of Medical Sciences
(India) had a quota that allowed a limited number of
deaf medical students. It was much easier for her
to get admitted if she was certified as deaf.
When the medical school found out about the
faked deafness, they kicked her out of program.
A picture is at:


— a problem with voice to text computers

We read about these voice to text computers
that would help the deaf with communications.
Well, there was a serious issue with these
computers. Background noise will affect
these translations. So, if we want an
accurate translation, it must be made in a
quiet room!


— a new bill in Congress may weaken the ADA

There is a new bill in Congress – ADA Education and
Reform Act. The title is misleading; it would
“forgive” businesses that tried for years to
follow the ADA but couldn’t. It is hard to
believe that there are continuing efforts
to weaken the ADA.


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