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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – November 9, 2017


— TV’s first open captioned program

Open captions is not the same as closed captions.
Hearing people, that hate captions, can turn it
off (and make deaf people angry). Open captions
cannot be turned off. Anyway, the very first
open captioned TV program was Julia Child’s
The French Chef – way back in 1973. This
story was brought up today in web news.
Because hearing people hated open captions,
it forced a slow and long switch to
closed captions. A picture is at:


— a double-scam on a deaf person

A fake-interpreter arrived at a deaf person’s
house (first scam). The deaf person was told
he had an appointment at a hospital (second
scam). Deaf person was puzzled because he never
made an appointment. After arriving at the
hospital, the fake interpreter disappeared!
Police is looking into this matter. Nothing
happened to the deaf person, except for his
humilitation. It took place in a big
British city.


— a frustrated deaf job placement specialist

A deaf job placement specialist is frustrated.
He went to a business owner, asking him if
he would be willing to hire a deaf person.
The business owner said:

I hired a deaf person in the past and he
wasn’t doing a good job, and I fired him.
For that reason, no more deaf people in
my business!



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