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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – November 10, 2017

— a newspaper story insults deaf, big time!

Part of a newspaper story said:

a former umbrella repairman was deaf, despite his
oversized ears

An insult? Yes. There are hearing people with
big ears; there are deaf people with big ears.
Size of ears has nothing to do with being
deaf or not! That story was printed – way
back in 1917 by an Australian newspaper.
A picture is at:


— sign language glove said to be useless

There are many sign language glove prototypes
designed by engineers. Useful or useless?
Many deaf people say the gloves are invented
because hearing people think it is the best
way for the deaf. And deaf people don’t like
to use it. This story was run in The Atlantic.


— cruise ship won’t accept two deaf people

Two deaf people, from Wales, wanted to take a
cruise, but were refused admittance by the
Cruise & Maritime Voyages. Keep in mind
Great Britain, in which Wales is part of,
does not have ADA. This ADA requires
American cruise boats, on American waters,
to provide accommodations.


Latest deaf jobs – today’s update

Barry’s collections of past articles (with today’s update)
— video relay abuse by hearing

11/05/17 Blue and Gold editions at:



— The Silent Network has re-launched

The Silent Network, the nation’s first national
television network, geared to deaf and hard of
hearing viewers, has re-launched as an Over-The-Top
(OTT) television service.

To read the press release:

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