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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – November 13, 2017


— big reasons for interpreters during medical appointments

A medical appointment is a nightmare as it is confusing.
A deaf person must make an appointment. Then see the
receptionist. And then discuss with the nurse.
And then the doctor comes in. He gives you a
prescription. You don’t understand the prescription
that the pharmacist must explain, etc, etc, etc.
A picture is at:


— researcher says balloons can help the deaf

He said that balloons can feel the vibrations,
helping the deaf to follow music. What if the
balloon bursts and becomes useless?


— a mixed-up Hollywood

Is Hollywood confusing itself? Hollywood is saying they
make movies that treat deaf characters as normal human
beings instead of being pitied for their deafness.
Great – but why is Hollywood continuing to cast
fake-deaf actors for deaf roles? Possibly
Hollywood is all mixed up.



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— deaf people, true or false

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