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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – December 5, 2017


— deaf movie casting call

A movie is being made about Dummy Hoy, the famous deaf
19th century major league baseball player. A casting
call was announced. Nearly 150 people showed up, all
hoping to be selected for the movie roles. Do not
know how many of them are hearing and how many
are deaf. A picture is at:


— many hearing employers think diversity is something bad

A deaf activist, in a newspaper interview, said many
hearing employers would not hire the deaf, feeling
that diversity is “something” bad. This is disappointing.


— deaf refused to give statement for police

There were several ugly incidents this past summer
in Warren, Michigan between several deaf individuals
and the police. The deaf asked for an interpreter
but the police wouldn’t find one for them. And
the police wanted the deaf to give them a written
statement regarding an incident they had with a
hearing neighbor. Again, the deaf group refused
without having an interpreter. One of the angry
police officers then wrote up a parking ticket
for them! This case has been sent to The U.S.
Attorney’s Office to see if ADA regulations
were broken.



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