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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – December 6, 2017


— second time Florida suffers huge embarrassment

Do fake interpreters love Florida? Only a few weeks ago
a fake interpreter (actually a life guard) showed up
at a Manatee County press conference and signed
words such as pizza and bear monster. This time
in the city of Tampa, another fake interpreter
(a former prisoner) showed up at a press conference
and signed things no one could understand. Why
is this happening? Normally the agency asks the
interpreting agency; the assigned interpreter
shows up and confirms it with the contact person
before doing the interpreting. These procedures
were not happening at both Florida locations.
Why? A picture is at:



— Football: Gallaudet vs Ohio State University

Gallaudet vs Ohio State University in a real football
game? No way! But for design and beauty of football
helmets, the Gallaudet helmet is very competitive.
For the Gallaudet helmet to win (against Ohio State)
go to:



— NOAA wants better tornado warning system for the deaf

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has
asked University of Alabama to come up with a better
tornado warning system for the deaf. We hope the
university will do the job for us.


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— deaf heath issues if no interpreter

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