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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – December 7, 2017


— deaf owner of a business in a small town

Ottawa, Kansas is a small town of some 12,000
people. In downtown Ottawa is a business called
Salon 101. It is owned by Angie Arnett. She
has been deaf all her life. The salon offers
services in hair cuts, coloring, highlights,
nails, pedicures, manicures and massages. Her
deafness? She said:

I can hear with hearing aids, but once I take
them out, I hear nothing

A picture is at:


— comments by a deaf attorney

Robert Hunter, who is deaf, is a partner
with a major law firm. He said law firms
say they do hire the deaf, but would not
give them big legal assignments, instead
giving them “easy” assignments. He said
this is discriminatory for it prevents
deaf attorneys from gaining experience
needed to move up the legal ladder.
He does not sign and uses CART all the


— a past top Delaware athlete was deaf

Today there was a web posting about all-time
Top 10 past athletes from the state of Delaware.
#7 on the list was Ed Michaels, who played
in the NFL for eleven years. He was not able
to fight in the World War II because of his
deafness. While not mentioned in the article,
there is a tale about him. He had to take
off his helmet each time in the huddle to
hear signals from the quarterback. This
means he had to take off and put helmet
back on maybe 60-65 times per game! In
every day life he had to strain to catch
each word. It was not known if he wore
a hearing aid or not.



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