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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – December 15, 2017

— deaf in dangerous factory jobs

Many factories are afraid to hire the deaf because
of safety issues. They can’t hear screams and
shouts of dangerous situations coming near them.
Yet, one factory, happy with deaf employees,
has a safety policy – never leave deaf alone.
In other words, deaf is always paired with the
hearing on work assignments. A picture is at:


— a new sign language law

After a long time, the deaf of Ireland got what they
wanted – government recognition of Irish Sign Language.
This law also said that only those that are certified
can serve as interpreters for the deaf. DeafDigest
is bringing this up because there were two recent
cases of fake-interpreters at public events in
Florida. These fake-interpeters were not arrested.
If it happens in Ireland, these fake-interpreters
would go to jail!


— the deaf and the barking dog

When a dog barks, hearing people know it and try
to stop it. But deaf people would not know it and
can get into trouble. A deaf woman owned three
dogs; two dogs were fine but the third one was
a barker. She was ordered to go to court for
that reason. She won the case – because the
barking dog was old and it would be cruel
to put it to sleep.


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— deaf agency cancels deaf law clinic

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