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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – December 26, 2017

— deaf actress and her hands

A deaf actress made this comment:
Using my hands to find my voice

A picture is at:


— deaf divided in half in a church

A deaf person who attends worship services regularly
in a deaf-operated church told DeafDigest editor
something interesting. The church is attended by
deaf people that graduated from deaf schools and
also by mainstreamed deaf people. Do they mingle
together? No – one half of the church is seated
by mainstreamed people and the other half by
those from deaf schools. And even during the
after-service reception, both groups are still
split apart! He said he was not too happy about it.


— news programs captions

Deaf people watching captioned news programs may
not realize one thing. It is that when the program
shows people from other nations, the captions are
in English, but the voices these people speak are
not in English! Hearing people know it, but many
deaf people don’t know it.



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