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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – December 29, 2017


— many hard of hearing attorneys unaware of something

Many hard of hearing attorneys struggle with their
deafness in the court room. They don’t use
ASL. CART is the only way for them. But many of
them never heard of CART. A hard of hearing
attorney saw a deaf attorney using CART and
asked what it was. The deaf attorney told him
CART is a must but he must ask the courts for
it, and that courts won’t give it to him if
he doesn’t ask for it!

A picture is at:


— option often overlooked in airline reservations

Passengers making reservations have the options
of getting accommodations. Many of them either
overlook it or ignore it. If deaf passengers
don’t request accommodations, airlines may not
know about their deafness. One airline said
deaf passengers can refuse deafness accommodations!


— many jobs or no jobs

A newspaper headline today said:

2018’s challenge: Too many jobs, not enough workers

Many available jobs for deaf jobseekers? Yet,
many deaf people are not employed! Why?



Latest deaf jobs – today’s update

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— deaf man employed in the oil fields

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