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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – January 8, 2018


— a deaf mayor of a town in California

Amanda Folendorf, who is deaf, is the mayor of
Angels Camp, a town in Calaveras County. It
is a town of nearly 4,000 people way up in
the Gold Rush region. While the population
is small, it is the only incorporated town
in the county. She attended Gallaudet
University before graduating from
California State University at
Sacramento. Incidentally, she is at least
20 years younger than the members of the
town council! Her picture is at:


— some films at a museum have no captions

At the Fenimore Art Museum, Cooperstown, NY (yes, the site
of the Baseball Hall of Fame), the captions are available
but with the warning – Captions are available for most films.
What if a deaf person requests captions for a film that has
no captions? This is troubling.


— a lost dog

A dog was lost for ten days in the snow. A search party
shouted the dog’s name, but no response. Finally the
doug was discovered and taken to the vet. It was
learned the dog was deaf and was not able to respond
to shouts by the search party. Fortunately the dog
is recovering very well.


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