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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – January 9, 2018

— a sign language barter agreement

A hearing mother of a young deaf daughter wanted
to learn taekwondo. Taking taekwondo lessons
cost money. The mother really couldn’t afford
to pay for these lessons. The taekwondo school
owner knew no ASL. A barter agreement was made –
the mother would teach the taekwondo owner
ASL, and the owner would give the deaf girl
these free lessons! The owner said it paid off
because it attracted more deaf students that
wanted to learn taekwondo! A picture is at:


— school board made a captioning choice

The Haywood County Schools board (North Carolina)
faced a choice – to caption its board meetings
or to stop making youtube videos of these meetings.
The school decided to go ahead with captions
even though these views only attract between
30 to 60 views each time. It is like publishing
a book that no one reads. And the board members
knew that auto-caption software may struggle
with these different voice accents, and risk
caption garbling.


— Gallaudet and Alabama share national championship honors

Gallaudet is #1 in the nation in the Helmet Bowl,
beating out 776 other collegiate football teams.
Alabama is #1 in the nation in football, beating
out Georgia. It is probably the first time
in Gallaudet’s history that this university is
#1 in the nation.


Latest deaf jobs – today’s update

Barry’s collections of past articles (with today’s update)
— agency hypocrisy

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