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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – January 10, 2018

— important new law in North Carolina

North Carolina has a new law, made effective on
January 1, 2018 – to require police officers
to get more training on how to deal with the
deaf, especially during traffic stops. The
key word is – more – and it is much different
from “one-time” training years ago that many
police officers may forget if they have never
stopped a deaf driver. A picture is at:


— political enemies trying to teach deaf activist a lesson

A deaf political activist, always advocating for
rights and needs of the deaf, learned a lesson
the hard way. A political rally came up, and
the activist was not invited to attend but
still showed up anyway. The rally organizers would
not allow the deaf activist to get a seat to sit
down. In other words, stand in the back of the
room, with interpreter so far away it was hard
to see.


— a shuttle bus supposed to be deaf-friendly

A shuttle bus, without a driver, and called Olli
is being demonstrated right now at the Las Vegas
consumer technology show. According to Olli
people, deaf people can communicate with the
“kiosk” inside the shuttle bus. Is it perfect
for the deaf? Don’t know but hope so.


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