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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – January 12, 2018

— second deaf attorney to argue in front of Supreme Court justice

In 1982 deaf attorney was the first one to argue
before the Supreme Court justices (the famous
Rowley case). And only just a few days ago
John Stanton became the second deaf attorney
to argue in front of a Supreme Court justice.
It was David Souter in Boston. While Souter
is retired he carries the title “retired Justice
of the Supreme Court” and he is allowed to
sit on any lower court he wants to hear
just to keep mind active and busy. Souter
did not ask Stanton any questions but
practically hammered Stanton’s opponent!
A funny picture of Stanton is at:


— captioner’s most important task

A captioner was interviewed for a newspaper
story. She said that she must get a new
word perfect the first time she hears it
even if she never heard of it before!


— Turkey angry over top deaf athlete’s job

Wrestling is an important sport in Turkey.
Seyfullah Karadeniz is deaf and is one of
the top wrestlers (among hearing) in
Turkey. His job, when not wrestling,
is a restroom custodian, cleaning up
and moping up the floor, sinks and
toilets. A picture of him at work was
published in a newspaper. It made many
wrestling fans angry, forcing the
Turkish Sports Ministry to investigate
why was he given that job, while he
should be getting a better job!


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— comment about the deaf just as bad as President’s comment yesterday!

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