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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – February 5, 2018


— deaf attorney wins case in front of Supreme Court justice

Two weeks ago DeafDigest mentioned that deaf attorney John
Stanton was scheduled to argue a case in front of David
Souter, a past Supreme Court justice who is retired but
continues to sit on cases in appelate court. It was
an immigration case where an illegal immigrant was
ordered deported but filed a lawsuit to block it.

Said John:
I’m the first deaf lawyer to argue a case in front of a
Supreme Court justice and win

A picture is at:


— a deaf commercial in the Super Bowl

All major corporations save their best TV ads for the
Super Bowl. And almost every year there is a deaf-related
ad. There was one – Millicent Simmonds, a deaf child
actress playing the role as a hearing family’s deaf
child in the movie – A Quiet Place, a horror film.


— triple Sign Language

A new play – Salonica – is being featured
at Fringe Festivals in New Zealand. This play
is unusual in that actors will be signing
out in three different sign languages – Serbian
Sign Lanaguage, British Sign Language and
New Zealand Sign Language. Not exactly
sure how it works out especially when it
comes to a fourth language – English, as
voiced by shadow hearing actors. And
why Serbian? Don’t know.



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