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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – February 6, 2018



— a strange police-deaf incident

a 911 call told the police to come to the house of a deaf
person, who threatened to be in a danger to himself.
No one told the police that the person was deaf. Even
a family member, who entered the house to try to communicate
with the deaf person, never told the police of his deafness!
Luckily the police, one way or other, eventually found out
the person was deaf – and they were able to solve this
situation with no one getting hurt!

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— a possibility with Wikipedia

The Wikipedia is an on-line people’s encyclopedia.
Anyone can go into Wikipedia and write something
about anything. There is a real worry among Wikipedia
advocates that the Wikipedia management may remove
some articles. Brought up as an example was
Alexander Graham Bell, who won a patent for inventing
the telephone – but at the same time strongly opposed
to ASL. Scientists want to keep Bell because of the
telephone; ASL people may want to remove Bell because
of his opposition to sign language.


— fake-deafness in Nanakuli

Nanakuli is a town in Hawaii. Years ago tourists thought
everyone in Nanakuli were deaf! They were not deaf;
they could not offer tourists food and drink as part
of the Hawaiian tradition. The area was poor and the
natives were not able to get enough food to feed the
tourists, as they wanted to save the food for their
families. As a result they pretended to be deaf
so that tourists can’t ask them for food and drink.
The name – Nanakuli is divided into two meanings;
Nana means “look” and kuli means “deaf.”



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