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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – February 13, 2018


— angry Ozzy Osbourne attacks the deaf

Ozzy Osbourne is a well known, but wild rocker.
He is also controversial. During one past concert
he saw a group of people not dancing to his
music. Angry, he turned a bucket of water on them.
He did not realize the group was deaf. Did his
anger prevent him from observing the deaf group
closely – to see that they were using sign
language to communicate with each other?

A picture is at:


— hiring the deaf, Microsoft’s different way

It helps that Jenny Lay-Flurrie, who is deaf, is
Microsoft’s chief accessibility officer. Instead of
just interviewing a deaf applicant just for a few
minutes, without knowing more in depth about
that person, Microsoft works differently. This
company will study and review the deaf applicant
for several weeks before deciding to hire or
not to hire. It always happens that in a short
interview the hearing person is hired – and
the company regrets the hire for years to come!


— deaf getting involved in music

Sean Forbes is well known in the Deaf Community
as the Deaf Rocker. How did he get involved
with music, which is not an easy skill for the
deaf to learn and to master? Simple – he grew
up in a musical family, learned all he needed
to know about music from his musician parents!


Deaf jobs – latest update

Barry’s collections of past articles (with today’s update)
— jobs, hard to get

02/11/18 Blue and Gold editions at:

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