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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – March 1, 2018

— deaf actors need one important thing

Deaf actors need one important thing – get a
good agent! Deaf actors trying to go alone
without an agent may not have too much luck
in getting roles. This is what one casting
director said. A picture is at:


— to forget something is not funny

A deaf person who functions as a hearing
person, with help of his hearing aid,
forgot something during an important
morning appointment. He forgot to
bring his hearing aid – and his appointment
was ruined because he functioned as a
deaf person instead of as a hearing person.
Not funny.


— a bad freebie

A popular singer has some deaf people in his
family. He came bsck to his hometown to
perform in a concert and got several free
tickets for the deaf family member. One
thing went wrong – he never bothered to
line up stage interpreter for them!
These freebie tickets useless for these
deaf people.



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— casting directors and the deaf

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