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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – March 2, 2018

— these movies

In the past three years, these movies were shown –
Wonderstruck, Hush, Shut In, Creed and Medeas.
These leading characters were played by Julianne Moore,
Kate Siegel, Jacob Tremblay, Tessa Thompson and
Catalina Sandino Moreno. All of them are hearing,
playing these fake-deaf roles. This was the issue
raised by an angry deaf activist, saying Hollywood
is all talk, but no action when saying they
support diversity. A picture is at:



— police wanting to be friends with the deaf

The police of Staffordshire, a city in Great
Britain, population, approximately 1,100,000
people, wish to know more about the deaf.
They are planning to visit several deaf
events, hosted by deaf organizations.
This police department has a “deaf-specialist”
officer that works with the deaf. This is
just a hint for the police and the deaf
everywhere in USA.


— hearing people turn on captions for a reason

Many hearing people hate captions, but some of them
turn it on for a reason. A TV critic said voice
quality of some hearing actors are that bad –
they mumble their words. Difficult for hearing
people to catch when they mumble. So, whether
they like it or not, they turn on the captions!



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— repeatedly-elected deaf delegate

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