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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – March 5, 2018

— big USA Today story today

A big USA Today story today said that deaf (and disabled)
people are being hired – by employers that would normally
not hire them in past years. And that the pay is at least
$10.00 per hour for these entry level jobs. Good news,
yes – just as long as these deaf people are able to advance
with promotions instead of being stuck in lifetime dead
end jobs! A picture is at:


— police academy teaching the deaf

Many deaf people hate the police. The Springfield Citizens
Police Academy (MA) is hoping to change all that. The
academy is accepting students for a 10-week course.
They learn what police officers face and deal with
on a daily basis, even to the point of putting their
lives in danger. Several deaf students, with
interpreters have taken the class, along with the
hearing students.


— Oscars show the value of learning extra language

Rachel Shenton, just six years old, signed her
Oscar acceptance in British Sign Language. A
newspaper columnist said learning extra languages
has a big value. He is correct. A fact we didn’t know
is that she is from a 4-generation deaf family!



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— discrimination complaints, federal agencies

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