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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – March 6, 2018

— slow texting versus fast voicing

A deaf person has an emergency. Which is the fastest
way to reach theĀ  first responders? Voice
(which is faster) or texting (which is slower)?
This is the issue a small town activist raised,
wishing for a better way to reach first responders.
A picture is at:


— Democrats want to stop “free apartments”

There was a story today of House Democrats wanting
to stop members of the Congress using their
Capitol offices as their own “free” apartments.
Years ago, there was a problem with one deaf
CEO of a national deaf organization. That
CEO was using the walk-in closet of the
organization office as a “free” apartment!
The board ordered the CEO to find outside
apartment that is not free.


— Thirty years ago today

Thirty years ago today – the Gallaudet board
of trustees, not listening to demands by students,
selected Elisabeth Zinser, not deaf, as the
new president. Gallaudet and Deaf Culture was
never the same since then! For the record,
she only served about three days and
stepped down, failing to try to operate the
Gallaudet administration from her downtown
DC hotel room. The protesters would not allow
her to use the president’s office as her own!



Deaf jobs – latest update

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— listing of deaf movies

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