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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – March 7, 2018

— role switched from hearing to deaf

How many TV and movie roles have been switched
from hearing to deaf? The directors of the TV
“The Magicians” series switched the role
in the episode “Six Short Stories About Magic”
because of Marlee Matlin! They felt she would
perform much better as a deaf character than
someone as a hearing character. This is
not a first. The 1994 movie “The River Wild” had
a hearing character switched to a deaf character
(the late Victor Galloway). It was because of
the need to have sign language used in one of
these action scenes. A picture is at:


— Baltimore restaurants accommodating or not

There was a story in a newspaper about Baltimore
restaurants working with an agency serving the deaf
and the hard of hearing on how to accommodate those
with hearing losses. DeafDigest is bothered by the
story because it hardly mentions how to serve
the profoundly deaf; it focused on serving those
with hearing losses (hearing aids and CI’s).
Deaf people point at dishes on the menu. What
if the waiter forgets his reading glasses?
What if the waiter needs to explain the side
dish options and says “never mind”? What
if there are specials that the waiter does not
bother to explain to the deaf? And other
such restaurant horror stories!


— the deaf and the comic book

There is a short Netflix movie – She Makes Comics.
It is about women involved with illustrations,
comic books and these comic book conventions.
What about the deaf? We have deaf illustrators
but comic book executives do not hire them.
As a result they freelance on their own and
post their illustrations on the web. There
was a deaf partnership of one deaf-theme comic
book venture years ago but did not last too long.
So, why not a new movie – Deaf Makes Comics!



Deaf jobs – latest update

Barry’s collections of past articles (with today’s update)
— businessman and leader

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