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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – March 8, 2018


— captions in the clouds

Cloud captioning? This is a new technology that very
few people understand exactly what it is. The FCC
has demanded quicker captions of anthing that
shows up on TV, as well as on the web. This
was the story in today’s news. An individual who
spent his career with captions, said:

The industry had changed so much. The technology was
becoming more complicated. I did not have the energy to
fight any more with manufacturers and broadcasters on the
problems facing HDTV captioning.

As a result, he walked away and is now enjoying his
retirement years.

A picture is at:



— times have changed

Times have changed.

During the 1970’s, many deaf people were not aware of
their rights through Section 503 and Section 504 and
also of the 1964 Civil Rights Act

There was no ADA as this law was not passed until

Nowadays, deaf people know ADA and are aggressive
with their ADA rights.


— “Gallaudet” football player “getting” Super Bowl ring

A Gallaudet football player finally getting his
Super Bowl ring? No way, and this is correct.
In 2000, a movie – The Replacements – was based
on the Washington Redskins football team during
the 1987 NFL strike. The team, named in the
movie as Washington Sentinels, “had” a deaf
player from Gallaudet, named Brian Murphy.
The Replacements team won three games, and
when the strike ended, the Redskins took over
and won the Super Bowl. Today the Washington
Redskins said they would give Super Bowl rings
to these real Replacement players. What if
this Super Bowl ring fantasy became a true
story? Anyway, hearing actor David Denman
played this fake-deaf player Brian Murphy.



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