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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – March 12, 2018

— a deaf waitress in a metro area restaurant

Sierra Campbell, who is deaf, and a graduate of
Virginia School for the Deaf and Blind, is a
waitress at the Orexi Greek and Mediterranean
restaurant in Midlothian, VA (metro Richmond
area). The restaurant owners made changes in
the menu to allow diners to communicate their
orders by finger-pointing at ther meal
choices. To prevent surprises, when new
diners comes in, the owner explains that the
waitress is deaf and all they need to do
is to point at the menu. Regular diners
know the drill. So far it has been a success.
A picture is at:


— interpreter’s comment

An interpreter made this comment:

As an interpreter, I am a guest in the lives of
deaf people. I am with them during some of their
most private moments – medical offices just as
one example. I have to keep everything confidential.


— United Talent Agency and the deaf

The United Talent Agency is one of the world’s
largest and most important talenet agencies
in the world. It just signed deaf actress
Shoshannah Stern to a contract. Lets’ hope this
agency will get her more important acting roles.



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