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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – April 3, 2018


— illegal to use Coda children as interpreters

Many deaf parents use their Coda children as
interpreters. It is illegal according to
Civil Rights Laws Title VI, with respect
to hospitals using Coda children as
interpreters for their deaf parents.
A picture is at:


— doctor’s bad attitude

In South Carolina, a doctor told a deaf

I don’t know how to deal with the disabled,
especially the deaf!

The deaf patient didn’t understand what the
doctor said, but a hearing friend, who was
with the deaf woman, told him about it when
they left the hospital. The deaf patient did,
however, ask for an interpreter and said
the hospital refused.


— Nyle’s BIGGEST insult!

Nyle DiMarco, our celebrity model/actor, who travels
quite extensively on behalf of the deaf, was
insulted BIG TIME. When he told the people with
the Illinois Airport Authorities of his deafness,
they gave him air safety booklet that was in
Braille! Guess it happens to some of us, that
at restaurants we tell the waiters of our
deafness, they hand out menus in Braille.
To laugh or to cry?



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