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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – April 5, 2018


— always covering mouth while talking

DeafDigest will not mention which school it is,
but that school has some hearing teachers and
staffers often covering their mouths, in front
of the deaf, while talking to someone else.
Discrimination? Yes! Audism? Yes! And the
school administration is not doing anything
about it, possibly not caring how badly the
deaf people feel about it. If the hearing
do not want the deaf to lipread what they
are saying, all they can do is to go outside
and make the conversation private. Otherwise
it is rude, bad manners and always unacceptable.

A picture is at:


— miracle captions invented by a new company

One new company has invented “miracle” captions
and is trying to market it. If a TV set has
no captions, then a special scanner would
“copy” the sound and have it converted to
captions! DeafDigest has not seen the
invention and cannot comment on if it
really works or not.


— movie houses feel heavy pressure

Movie houses thought that portable captioning
devices were perfect for the deaf, with no
need for open captions. They are now feeling
heavy pressure to junk the portable devies
and to replace it with open captions.
One deaf person is possibly responsible for
the heavy pressure. It is actor/model
Nyle DiMarco who has used the social
media to sway public opinion against these
portable devices. Hopefully it will
result in more and more open captions.



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