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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – April 6, 2018


— big challenges for Texas’ first deaf police woman


After a period of training, Erica Trevino, who is deaf,
starts her first day April 14th as police officer
in Dalhart, Texas. The challenges for her are
different from hearing police officers. She
must keep her hands free, meaning less gesturing.
A criminal could try to pull out her CI. And
because of CI she cannot get too close to
magnetic devices. Also what if the criminal
does not understand her deaf speech with
Miranda Rights. The attorney could use that
to throw out Erica’s arrests in the courts!
She cannot drive the police car alone because
of incoming texts and voice messages. She
can become the best police officer in town,
but must overcome these challenges!
A picture is at:


— early childhood educator’s CI comment

An early childhood educator made this CI

She said:
a child may be able to hear sounds, but
after not hearing anything since birth,
it may mean nothing to them!

It was part of a newspaper story.


— fake-deaf national soccer team

Years back, the Australian national deaf soccer
association invited the national deaf soccer
team of Ghana for a series of games. But
when the Ghanian team arrived, the hosts
realized it was a fake-deaf team. The
angry Australians billed Ghana $15,000
for fraud and damages. This bill
continues unpaid to this day.



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